Infographics and Blog Graphics

Infograph on beer consumption at Creative Link.
Infograph about Creative Link's "green" status.
For this infograph I surveyed the Creative Link staff to see if the Dog People out-weighed the Cat people. Plus we got to show off out pets.
This was my blog post on collaboration. I wanted to show images of myself and another designer working on a project together. I wanted it to feel like you are peeking into the creative process. Check out what I wrote here.
For this post on Search Engines Vs. Users I went old-school boxing and pulled images from the Library of Congress' Flickr page.
I created to infograph after surveying the Creative Link staff on what was their most memorable event for 2010.
For this blog post on web type I wanted to go retro and juxtapose the new vs. old. I got inspiration from Hatch Show Print and wood block type. Read my blog post here
For this Easter eCard I photographed some of the Creative Link staff and created this design to send out to our clients.
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