Civis Analytics: Lead Gen Campaign

My Role:
Creative direction and visual design

Creative Elements:
20pg eGuide
Paid social posts
Online display ads
Retargeted display ads
Case study
Marketo eGuide landing and confirmation pages
Marketo nurture emails
3rd party emails with eGuide offer

Kitterman Team:
Creative Direction - Bobby Arispe
Visual Design - Zoe Vartanian
Copy & Research - Serah Deliani
Media - Dawn Lehew
Account Direction & PM - Karen Mahardy

Civis Analytics was created during the the re-election campaign for President Obama. The campaign need a tool to help understand the demographics of their voters and the issues that they are facing. Fast forward to present day and Civis Analytics has applied that same methodology and technology to organizations across industries that focus on engagement, customer loyalty, and acquisition. Civis Analytics launched a new tool called Civis Media Optimizer, an easy-to-use, cloud-based service that lets media planning and buying teams build highly efficient, accountable TV media plans. 
Civis Analytics approached Kitterman with the need of creating a lead generation campaign for this new product. Our objective was to create a campaign that would target media buyers and planners at U.S.-based advertising agencies and B2C companies with revenues of at least $250 million and a large TV ad spend. Their goal was to bring in new leads that would result in one to three new customers. Considering the product is $200k, an average sale cycle is six months, and there is very little brand awareness this would be a tough task. 
Kitterman worked with Civis Analytics to identify a strategy that included a media plan for directing lead through their new website, as well as a strategy to nurture new leads. Under my team leadership we created a body of lead generation and sales enablement materials to complement Civis Analytic’s existing materials.
The campaign was in market for a little over six weeks and finished up in March 2017. Kitterman has delivered 269 leads. To-date Civis Analytics has categorized 60 leads as MQLs, 42 SQLs, and one is close to closing.
“Partnering with Kitterman enabled our team to specifically target highly qualified prospects for our marketing efforts. Kitterman's media planning and creative execution really brought our brand and associated message to life in ways which help differentiate our message in a crowded marketplace."
VP of Marketing, Civis Analytics
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