Beauchamp Imports Inc. sources, imports, and distributes French ciders and Calvados. Many of these producers are from multi-generational orchards, and some have been producing cider for over 100 years. Beauchamp Imports was a new B2B brand from the ground up, requiring a separate consumer-facing company, French Cider. My team started with the visual identity of Beauchamp. This brand would face restaurants, hotels, and resorts. We wanted to make sure beverage and bar managers had all the information they could on this unique product. We developed lots of learning materials and went in-depth about the producers and their beverages, both on the website and product flash cards. 
The design team wanted to create an identity that would convey the French lifestyle for the consumer-facing French Cider brand. We focused much effort on lifestyle and beverage photography, setting the website's tone and social. 

frenchcider.com was built to transition from an industry-facing site to a consumer-facing e-commerce site.

We went in depth on each of the producers and their beverages.

Instagram was widely used for product awareness and to share announcements and availability.

Facebook ads targeted beverage, bar, catering managers and more.

Product info sheets helped industry customers learn about the beverages. A marketing kit provided images to share on social media.

Lifestyle and Beverage Photoshoots
Creative Items:
Brand Identity for Beauchamp Imports
Brand Identity for French Cider
Website that could transition to consumer facing and support e-Commerce
Beverage Education Sheets
Product Info Sheets and Cards
Facebook Ads and content
Instagram content
Holiday photoshoot
Summer photoshoot
Product and Cocktail photoshoot
Marketing kit for restaurants
Creative Director & Photographer: Bobby Arispe
Visual Designer: Zoe Vartanian
Project Management & Producer: Meghan Cassens
My Role:
Creative direction, brand strategy, branding, website design, photography, and social media strategy
I concepted and photographed all the marketing images for French Cider. 
Summer photo shoot food styling and staging by Kim Arispe. 
Fall, product lineup, and cocktail photo shoot styled by Meghan Cassens.
Prop and styling assistance by Zoe Vartanian.
Behind the Scenes
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