The Creative Link team was excited to flex it's creative muscles and be apart of the 75th Anniversary of The San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves Tournament. The San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves Tournament is the first step a local amateur boxer takes towards possible national recognition. The tournament is open to any individual 17 to 34 years of age who qualifies under the rules of the sanctioning body, the United States Amateur Boxing Federation. The Golden Gloves Tournament has a long-standing tradition of cultivating the physical and mental well-being among the participating regional youth as well as acting a major fund-raiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio.

I started this project by creating a special event logo and from that style developed the vintage look that became the visual language that was translated across a variety of signage, print materials and a website. I worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio, The City of San Antonio, Time Warner Cable Sports and Security Service to plan, design and execute to entire look of this event. I even got to get my hands dirty hanging all of the signage for the event.
This wide shot shows the Red Side Entry Banners, Ring Skirts and Projected Sponsor Graphics
Lobby Welcome Banners
Boxing Tournament Programs
Large Projected Sponsor Graphics 
Table Tents and Coasters
Blue Side Entry Banners
Commemorative T-Shirt 
Lobby Banner
Red Side Sponsor Banners
My Role:
Art direction, visual design, and creative leadership for Creative Link

Creative Elements:
OOH advertisements
Broadcast spots
All Event signage and materials
The boxing action was televised by Time Warner Cable
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