Kaiser Permanente opened four new medical facilities in the South Lake Union and Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle, West Olympia, and Smokey Point. I lead the creative team that developed the visual approach to marketing the new facilities to the community. A prominent feature was using the windows of the future location to share the services that would be available and feature the clinicians that would be working there. 

We used the South Lake Union medical facility as a model for the window graphics. These graphics were just one component in a new facility opening campaign along with targeted mailers, social media, email campaigns, and experiential marketing events. 
For the window clings, my team and I would do a site visit. I took pictures, measurements, and sketches as we plan through the graphics and messaging. I then built detailed concept decks and pitched the concepts to our marketing leaders. The presentation materials also served as a way for the print producers to scope costs and vendors.  
Behind the scenes during site visits
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