Kaiser Permanente Northwest (Oregon) had developed a VR experience for their region, and the Kaiser Permanente Washington marketing directors decided that they would like to adapt this experience for the Washington region. The marketing directors gave the creative team a tight deadline to debut the VR experience at the first School Employee Benefits Board (SEBB) open enrollment event. I had to figure out a solution that would work for the Washington region, fit within Oregon's established framework, and meet a looming deadline. The Oregon team had over a year to work on their VR experience; I had 34 working days from the start-work to event staff training. I worked closely with the Editorial Creative Director to scrub through all the content in the Oregon version. We pulled out all the information that would not work for Washington. I then worked with folks across the organization to understand specialty and care delivery specifics. I worked with our events team to schedule shoot locations and times. I worked directly with a producer from Oregon and the VR agency to direct the experience's graphics. I art directed the VR video shoot at three medical centers with seven different locations that featured staff and extras moving around the scenes. After we finalized the VR experience, I had to install the application on six VR headsets, build a user guide/content map, and train the events staff on using the headsets. I also lead a demo for the Kaiser Permanente Washington senior leadership team, showing off the VR experience to the regional president and VPs. 
48 working days from first learning of the project to install/training
Seven shooting locations at three medical centers
Nine content tiles with five videos
Installed the experience on 6 VR headsets
Trained six events staff members and designed a how-to guide for on-site event staff

Web version of the Kaiser Permanente VR experience

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