Kim Newton Arispe has appreciated the power of a good cocktail from an early age when she watched her grandparents gather with friends to sip margaritas and share stories. Years later, her passion for bringing people together over cocktails led her to create the website, Random Acts of Comfort, where she makes bar-quality beverages accessible to the home bartender. Leaping from the digital world to publication, Kim brought to life Liberal Libations, a book that empowers the cocktail enthusiast to craft bar-quality cocktails for a large crowd or for an intimate gathering. Make-ahead batch recipes mean no more messy math or confusing conversions, less time mixing drinks, and more time enjoying each sip with friends. Over 85 recipes include batch and single-serving instructions, featuring timeless classics (Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, and Proper Margarita) and playful originals (House of Underdown, Summer Solstice, and Mr. Stiggins).
I photographed all the images for the book. I would convert our living room into a tethered photo studio to photograph the batch and single cocktails, plus garnishes, and tools.
Behind the scenes 
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