At Creative Link I had the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects for Spurs Sports and Entertainment. Score magazine was a monthly publication that went out to Spurs, Silver Stars and Rampage season ticket holders. This publication featured player interviews, franchise history and features on the social good the teams were doing in the community.  My role of layout design and art direction of images was critical with each issue. I even got the chance to write a few of the featured stories. 
For one story on the AT&T Overtime concert series I interviewed John Sparks, AT&T Center- Vice President and General Manager. Photographed two nights of the concert series that took place on the grounds after the Spurs games. Then laid-out the design of the page. It was an, "all-in-one" package.
I also was key in designing and art directing the Spurs media guides, playoff guides and special projects, such as the David Robinson Tribute Night book.
For this article, I conducted the interview, wrote the story, photographed the images, and designed the layout.
This piece was excited to work on since I grew up in the Robinson-era, and even have a signed ball.
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